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Alan Johnson

The Columbus Dispatch

Wednesday November 20, 2013 5:43 AM

The Ohio Ballot Board cleared the way yesterday — for the second time — for backers of a $13
billion green-energy constitutional amendment to collect signatures to get the issue on the
November 2014 ballot.

However, Secretary of State Jon Husted, chairman of the ballot board, blasted the issue
immediately after a brief board meeting in which it was approved.

“It would put people in (the state of) Delaware in charge of Ohio’s economic development. It
doesn’t make any sense at all,” Husted said. “I would highly recommend that voters vote against

The issue proposed by a group called Yes for Ohio’s Energy Future would appear on next fall’s
ballot if backers collect 385,247 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters.

The amendment would put the “full faith and credit of the state” behind a bond issue to spend
$1.3 billion a year for a decade investing in solar, wind, biomass, battery-technology and
geothermal energy.

German Trejo, campaign consultant for the issue, said in a statement that the initiative is “
driven by a group of individuals ‘who believe in a better future for Ohio.’ The main goal of the
group is to promote clean-energy solutions and energy independence while creating jobs for

Trejo, who previously worked with the Obama campaign and other Democratic efforts, said the
group plans to “build a coalition of state and national experts in the clean-energy and
job-creation industries and begin collecting the necessary signatures to place this initiative on
the ballot.” None of the financial backers was identified.

Jed Thorp of the Ohio Sierra Club said his organization opposes the issue.

“We continue to think it’s an unnecessary and unwanted distraction from a lot of very good
things that are happening in Ohio on clean energy,” Thorp said. “We still don’t know who’s really
behind this.”

Green-energy investments would be controlled by the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission, which was
incorporated in the state of Delaware in January 2012. Delaware law shields the identities of
investors and corporate officers in such cases.

The full text of the proposal is on the secretary of state’s website



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