Green energy ‘could help tackle fuel poverty’

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Funding call over green energy

Last updated Tue 6 Aug 2013

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Green energy projects could help tackle fuel poverty, a panel of MPs has said.

The Energy and Climate Change (ECC) parliamentary committee has said green energy could cut the cost of generating electricity and the savings could be passed onto the customer.

Green energy is cheaper to produce and could help to reduce fuel poverty, Labour MP Alan Whitehead said. Credit: PA

Committee spokesman Dr Alan Whitehead said: “Businesses can reduce their energy overheads, locals can potentially benefit from cheaper electricity or heat, and councils can use projects to tackle fuel poverty, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

He added: “Medium-scale power plants could also help to boost energy security.

“Local heating schemes in particular could be helpful in balancing out peaks and troughs in the electricity supply and demand by storing energy as hot water when there is a surplus of electricity being generated.”

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