Green energy not futile

July 5, 2013 by  
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In a recent letter to the YDR, June Abernethy claims that green energy is futile. Yet in the entire letter, only one argument is used to support the claim. The argument is that wind and solar can’t generate all of our electricity because wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. While this is true about the weather, it does not mean green energy is futile.

There are many technological approaches we could take. One is already taking place, development of a smart grid that can more effectively move electricity around, while also being able to manage loads to reduce demand. A second approach is to develop energy storage systems. These can range from the battery array in our hybrid or all-electric car, up to utility scale of pumped hydropower plants. We might also produce hydrogen with renewable electricity and use this as fuel, another way to store renewable energy. And a third approach is to reduce energy use via efficiency and conservation.

All these approaches and many others could get us to energy independence in a way that results in the kind of world we aspire to be. Using fossil fuels much longer is irresponsible because they are a limited resource, and using them makes pollution and worsens climate change. The barriers to moving to green, renewable energy are mostly in our minds. And we can change our minds.


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