Green energy: The Big Rip-off of the taxpayers

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solarIf you ever wonder why we are so skeptical of the claims of the “green energy” fanatics, read these stories:

Apple: Powering our facilities with clean, renewable energy.

Apple’s Fuel Cell Project Presents Conflict of Interest for Al Gore

Al Gore Duke Energy: Marriage Made in Regulation Hell

Be sure not to miss this part:

Meanwhile taxpayers and electricity customers (pretty much the same thing) in North Carolina will pay millions of dollars more to give huge tax breaks and a “greener” image to the wealthiest company in the world, as though it needs their help. Other beneficiaries include Duke Energy, Bloom Energy, and Al Gore’s investment partner John Doerr, and his venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield Byers. Oh, and don’t forget all the employees in “Green jobs” who keep the fans blowing to cool Apple’s computers (see all the cars parked at the facility?).

It’s just another friendly meeting at the intersection of crony corporate socialism and government regulation. As Tom Borelli of the National Center for Public Policy Research said, “This is a really significant issue. Al Gore’s investment and his partners’ investment in Bloom Energy should not be enhanced by Apple’s investment strategy.

And our own Beaufort County Commissioners are in cahoots with the same “green energy” do-gooders with wind and solar farms here locally. They are spending your tax dollars on junkets to Washington and Raleigh to lobby on behalf of these very same “green energy” giants that are no doubt laughing all the way to the bank.

And ponder this one. The White Post solar farm owned by Duke ties in directly to the Washington Electric lines. But Washington Electric does not buy the power from Duke. Instead they buy it from middle-man “Eastern Municipal Power Agency” which has nothing to do with the physical connections between Duke White Post and WEU. They just pay Duke for the power and then turn around and sell it to WEU. Why is that? Maybe you should ask the candidates who will be running for Washington City Council why this rig-a-ma-row exists.

And the next time you get your property tax bill, ponder this one. You pay taxes on 100% of the assessed “fair market value” of your property. Duke, Invenergy et. al. pay taxes on only 20% of the value of their “green energy” property. Eat your heart out suckers.

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