Greenpeace Features Apple as ‘Green Energy Innovator’ in New Report

April 2, 2014 by  
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This is perhaps off-topic, but I’m always irked by the use of cooling towers with “smoke” used to symbolize the “bad” side of energy. This is not smoke. They are cooling towers, and it’s steam/water vapor that is seen coming out. Not smoke.

I worked at a design firm in Sydney a while back, and one of the clients was the NSW Energy Association (the exact name eludes me), and one of the biggest problems they had from a PR perspective was this very thing: people think it’s smoke coming out of those big towers, which obviously looks bad. The real smoke is coming out of the super-tall chimney stacks, which is almost invisible these days.

The cooling towers still represent a colossal wast of energy. There are energy recovery systems that can be employed which can heat whole towns from a single power stations waste heat. Having said that I do think , as you say, these are too often represented in the context of pollution, rather than energy efficiency, which is ridiculous.

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