Group is against renewable energy ballot proposal in Michigan

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The Clean Affordable Renewable Energy (CARE) for Michigan Coalition launched a statewide campaign in Detroit Monday morning to defeat the 25-by–’25 ballot proposal, which would require energy companies to produce 25% of their power from renewable sources by 2025.

The group is scheduled to hold similar events in Lansing today, in Grand Rapids and Saginaw on Wednesday and in Traverse City on Thursday, according to spokeswoman Megan Brown.

CARE doesn’t want the requirement for utilities to be put into the state Constitution and worries that it comes with a $10-billion price tag that will be passed down to residents in their energy bills. But the group supports the already-in-place Michigan Clean Renewable and Efficient Energy Act, which calls for 10% renewables by 2015.

Among the speakers at the Detroit kick-off were representatives from the Detroit Regional Chamber, Utility Union Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. DTE Energy also supports the position.

“The group that is pushing (this) has wrapped themselves in the green flag and it’s being bought, because everyone believes if it’s green, it must be good,” said Steve Transeth, the CARE campaign’s senior energy policy adviser.

A bipartisan group called Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs, which also includes environmentalists and local businesses, is collecting signatures to get 25 by ’25 on the November ballot.

“We’re taking about investing in Michigan’s infrastructure and investing in resources,” said spokesman Mark Pischea, who added that consumers would see only a $1.25-a-month increase in their utility bills if the proposal is enacted.

According to Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs, the $10 billion is the amount of investment Michigan will see, plus the new energy policy will create jobs for the strapped state.

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