GUEST COMMENTARY: Wind energy myths run wild

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Floyd makes tangential arguments to cast a shadow on the wind industry. He makes a big deal out of turbine abandonment, despite the fact that over the last 15 years, no wind energy project has been abandoned in the United States. Not one.

He argues that wind will only survive as long as it is subsidized by the government, neglecting to mention that every single energy resource, especially nuclear energy, is heavily subsidized by the government.

He makes the dubious claim that investors are shying away from investing in wind, overlooking the fact that huge corporations like Microsoft and Walmart are betting heavy on wind, as are notable investors like Warren Buffett and T. Boone Pickens. And he cries crocodile tears on behalf of birds everywhere, once again neglecting to mention that wind energy is far healthier for birds than coal or natural gas fracking.

As executive director of the Red State Renewable Alliance, I share the full story of the success of clean, renewable energy in traditionally conservative areas of the country. Renewable energy is a bipartisan issue that serves all of our interests. This is because clean, renewable energy is a good investment for taxpayers, ratepayers and for our national security.

Wind energy is a good investment for taxpayers. Budget experts have concluded that the production tax credit pays for itself over 10 years, because of the jobs it creates.

It is good for rate payers, as energy prices have gone down dramatically when wind is a part of mix.

It is also good politics. Renewable energy enjoys wide support among Republicans and Democrats, and polls exceptionally well among younger voters.

Wind energy enjoys wide bipartisan support, predating President Barack Obama’s election to the White House. The wind tax credit, first signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1992, has been renewed many times, with broad support from both parties.

In fact, 70 percent of U.S. wind capacity is located in congressional districts represented by Republicans, and GOP leaders like Gov. Sam Brownback, Sen. John Thune and Sen. Chuck Grassley all are supporters. And while coal certainly is here to stay, the time is now to begin diversifying energy production in states like Alabama.

John Feehery is executive director of the Red State Renewable
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