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Gulf states focus on green energy

Author: Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) Posted January 7, 2014

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) announced that the success of the Gulf countries in achieving their current renewable energy goals could lead to creating 116,000 jobs yearly in the Middle East in this sector until 2030. IRENA pointed out that the Gulf countries have started executing renewable energy projects and setting long-term goals to encourage the spread and adoption of these projects. They have also taken tangible steps to diversify energy sources for economic and environmental reasons.

­IRENA issued a report titled “Renewable Energy and Jobs” on the occasion of the announcement of the Green Festival. The latter will be held in cooperation with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Reed Exhibitions during the events of the 7th session of the World Future Energy Summit, which will be held from Jan. 20 to Jan. 22 in Abu Dhabi. The report points out, “Renewable energy currently provides jobs for around 6 million people worldwide. It is also expected that doubling the share of renewable energy among the global energy sources could contribute to increasing this figure to more than 16 million in the next two decades.”

According to the agency, if the region tries to build a strong industrial base in the fields of renewable energy, it has to enhance job pioneers who will innovate and provide new jobs for the growing number of youth and support them.

The exhibition occurs at a time when companies around the world have realized the vital importance of green practices in maintaining their places in the competitive market.

Moreover, the exhibition is a suitable opportunity for employers to highlight the employment opportunities at their companies and for youth to get necessary advice and guidance regarding their future career and to find jobs in the sector of advanced energy and sustainable development.

The Green Festival aims to provide easy, convenient and effective ways to open up the chances of social and professional interaction. In addition to meeting potential employers, professionals will be able to attend workshops on topics related to work in the field of renewable energy and to benefit from the “Professional Consultancy Office” to get tips from experts and human resources’ specialists directly. The exhibition will also include events such as platforms to display available job opportunities and places to conduct personal interviews.

Sources from the Masdar Institute confirm that investing in renewable energy is considered one of the main factors that is expected to boost jobs in this sector. Moreover, it is likely that demand will increase for architects, engineers, urban planners, environmental experts who specialize in building cities and sustainable communities, smart power networks, wind farms, solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants and effective systems for power transmission, given that governments are adopting the sustainability approach in their economic development plans.

Moreover, building sustainable communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) constitutes a vital economic and strategic necessity for future sustainability. There is an increasing need among youth to develop jobs in the renewable energy sectors.

Microsol manager Jay Viswanathan stated, “The various types of renewable energy contribute to providing the maximum local jobs for every megawatt. This has been proven even in countries where energy prices are high, such as Germany and Japan, as well as the MENA region.”

They also provide indirect assistance jobs, given the booming technological field and its concentration in the region, as different technologies provide numerous and different types of jobs in manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance.

The manager of the World Future Energy Summit, Naji el-Haddad, expressed his confidence that “the summit would provide new jobs and economic opportunities for young people. Thus, it is the optimum environment for companies and candidates to come and explore ways to work together.”

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