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Last year’s record-setting heat and drought in the Houston area sent
electric bills through the roof and utility experts are predicting more
of the same this summer, which will continue to put a strain on the
electric grid in Texas. Houston residents can now be among the first in
the nation to sign-up for e5(SM),
a new home energy efficiency program aimed at saving energy and money
without giving up comfort.

The new program, developed by Earth
Networks(SM), owner of WeatherBug(R)
and operator of the largest weather network, and EnergyHub,
is designed to save residents money, help communities prevent power
outages, and give Houstonians control of their thermostats and energy
use from anywhere, anytime through the web and mobile devices.
Participation is free, and Houston-area residents receive a discount on
Wi-Fi thermostats compatible with the program. In addition, qualifying
participants receive a Home Efficiency Score Card along with a $25 Home
Depot Gift Card for doing their share to conserve energy.

Get Started Before Summer Heats Up:


Weather is the single-largest factor when it comes to home energy use.
The patent-pending e5(SM)
program uses real-time neighborhood-level weather conditions from Earth
Networks – WeatherBug, combined with Internet-connected thermostats and
award-winning software tools from EnergyHub, to help homeowners save on
their electric bills while conserving energy during times of peak use.

Using this data, e5 determines how each home heats and cools in response
to weather conditions and automatically pre-heats or pre-cools during
non-peak hours to maximize energy efficiency while maintaining comfort
within the home. For example, if the forecast shows temperatures rising
at 1 pm during a summer heat wave, e5 may pre-cool the home earlier in
the morning when energy demand is lower and less electricity is required
to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

The e5 program, which stands for ease, energy, efficiency, environment
and earth, is different from other energy saving programs because it:

Places homeowner comfort first. With e5, comfort is the
number-one priority. The e5 program uses the consumer’s own
temperature settings to cool or heat the home before the
warmest or coolest part of the day. Even on the hottest days of the
year, e5 keeps the home’s temperature within two to three degrees of
the consumer’s settings.

Puts the homeowner in control. Choose and install your own
program-compatible thermostat. Once installed, participants select
their settings and temperature preferences through a user-friendly
website. Homeowners can then change their settings from anywhere
through the web or using mobile applications on iPhone and Android

Taps into the world’s largest neighborhood-level weather network. Energy-saving
adjustments are made based on neighborhood-level weather conditions
and forecasts. This minimizes energy consumption and costs, while
keeping a comfortable temperature within the home.

Provides a Home Efficiency Score Card: The e5 program uses
advanced thermodynamic equations and associated variables to create a
model that ranks the efficiency of your home and the impacts of
temperature, wind and solar fluctuations. From these rankings, e5
creates a customized list of suggestions for improving energy
efficiency and saving money.

The program is open to all Houston-area residents with single-family
homes of any size, and many other types of homes such as townhouses and
larger condominiums. The first 2,500 homeowners who
qualify and enroll will receive a $25 Home Depot gift card along
with their Home Efficiency Score Card in September. This Score Card will
provide the homeowner with personalized home performance information and
tips to achieve even greater efficiency.

“We are making this service available to all residents in our Greater
Houston electric service territory to help them conserve energy,
especially during the hot summer months,” says Jarrett Simon, Manager,
Program Implementation, CenterPoint Energy. “We are partnering with
Earth Networks and EnergyHub to provide the e5 program to help lower
residential energy usage and curb peak demand in and around Houston.”

How to Get Started with the e5 Program:

1. Sign up for the program at


and receive a promo code to purchase a discounted Wi-Fi thermostat at
the online
e5 store. Or you can purchase an e5-compatible thermostat at Home
Depot or HomeDepot.com.

2. If you already have an e5-compatible Wi-Fi thermostat that is
installed and connected to the Internet, go to


to upgrade your thermostat to e5 for free. To view e5- compatible
thermostats, visit:
http://earthnetworks.com/e5/E5FAQ.aspx #e5_compatible_thermostats.

Who can participate in the e5 Program: Houston-area residents
with single-family homes of any size, and many other types of homes,
such as townhouses and larger condominiums.

To learn more about e5: Learn more about the benefits of e5 and
sign-up for the program by going to:


About Earth

As a provider of comprehensive atmospheric data for nearly 20 years,
Earth Networks is “Taking the Pulse of the Planet” with the world’s
largest weather observation, lightning detection, and greenhouse gas
monitoring networks and is establishing a network for collecting data
within the planetary boundary layer. The company’s popular WeatherBug
website, desktop
application and mobile
apps for major smartphone platforms provide real-time neighborhood-level
weather and advanced severe weather alerts to millions of consumers.
Enterprise solutions from Earth Networks enable organizations and
markets, including energy and utilities, agriculture, schools, sports
and recreation, emergency operations and government entities, to
safeguard lives, prepare for weather and climate events and improve
business operations. Founded in 1993, Earth Networks (
www.earthnetworks.com )
is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area with additional locations
in Mountain View, Calif.; New York, NY; Milan, Italy and a local
presence in 50 countries worldwide.

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub, Inc. develops software and hardware solutions that help
consumers, utilities, and service providers reduce energy consumption
and save money. EnergyHub solutions allow homeowners to understand and
control energy use in real time and encourage people to take actionable
steps to reduce consumption. Utilities also benefit from EnergyHub
technology as it enables them to identify and manage peak loads,
implement effective demand response programs, and improve operating
efficiency. EnergyHub, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a privately held,
venture-backed company and is deploying its energy management
technologies with a variety of utilities across North America. For more
information on how EnergyHub can help homeowners realize savings through
energy efficiency visit the EnergyHub
website and Mercury
smart thermostat platform page.

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SOURCE: Earth Networks – WeatherBug

        Earth Networks - WeatherBug 
        Rachel Hunt, Public Relations Manager 
        Jennifer Gilmore, Senior Director of Marketing 

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