How Sustainable is Africa’s Green Energy?

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Demand in general, how much can you actually make?

The big story is solar.

There is a lot of investment looking to go on into solar power.

That is the big story coming out of this.

This is investment from abroad?

It follows the infrastructure conversation we have been having on bloomberg for west africa.

They’re looking to attract private investors and they are setting up with fees and tariffs for private investors.

Solar fits well.

You do not need centralized generation.

You can go straight to fitting it locally, which serves the communities well.

How much will actually be done?

We think about africa as the new emerging continent and it has not panned out.

Kenya’s wind power forecast is 11% for 2020. they are 5.5%. solar power prices have fallen significantly and the last three to four years.

One big challenge is access to electricity is very low.

Kenya, 20%. the cost of getting electricity connection is still very high.

In kenya, i was there in september, and i met someone who told me he just got it and it cost him $400 and that was three months of his salary.

It is a massive investment for someone that works there.

What about hydropower?

The cost to make that is much lower, i understand.

The cost is the — the cost of the capital project is quite high.

A lot of these countries have had periods of drought and they have had to rely on diesel fuel oil.

This sometimes cost thumbs up to — costs them up to .5% of gdp growth.

Thank you.

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