Ian Somerhalder Smolders For Green Energy In New Time Framed Trailer …

May 4, 2013 by  
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The Georgia police may not be aware of who exactly is leaking all of the dash cam footage from Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth‘s recent arrests – his for DUI, hers for disorderly conduct – but either way, MORE and MORE video just keeps on coming from the pair’s wild night!

And this time around, it’s clear that the actress’ CAA agent hubby was NOT happy with his wife’s “proud, American” mouth that refused to cooperate…and ended up handcuffed herself!

After spitting out the now-iconic “this will be on national news” line, Reese is heard arguing with the arresting officer, and then later, in the back of the patrol car, getting scolded BIG-TIME by Toth for making an already-bad decision worse with her attitude!

However, gurlfriend may be too tipsy or too furious to listen to reason, and pretty much has a smart-alec remark for everything he says…even if it’s not always lucid!

Seriously! This is one you guys HAVE to watch!

Ch-ch-check it out, along with footage of Jim’s attempts to successfully take his breathalyzer reading…AFTER THE JUMP!!!


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