IKEA Introduces the FOLKVÄNLIG Line of Electric Bicycles

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IKEA Introduces the FOLKVÄNLIG Line of Electric Bicycles

Published: 24-May-2014

When it comes to flat packed items as well as going green, you cannot get any more larger scale than the folks over at IKEA themselves. For sure it is not one of the most perfect companies out there,but they so happen to be ahead of other large corporations that do not sell just green products as part of their portfolio. In fact, IKEA has plans to obtain 100% of the energy that it consumes in its stores and buildings from clean energy by the year 2020. Having said that, it also sells items such as solar panels in the UK while kicking off the initiative to phase out incandescent light bulbs a fair number of years back, with CFLs and LEDs as their replacements. This time around, they will also put the FOLKVÄNLIG electric bicycle as part of their catalogue.

Not all IKEA stores will offer the FOLKVÄNLIG electric bicycle right away however, as only a couple of Austrian stores would deliver the goods in the beginning, although we cannot wait for the rest of the IKEA stores worldwide to follow shortly. After all, it is always nice to see a growing market like that of electric bicycles to gain yet more competition.

Folks in Vienna will need to fork out €749 (which converts to approximately $1,025) for the FOLKVÄNLIG electric bicycle, while IKEA Family members will gain a €100 discount. You can choose from “male” and “female” versions of the bicycle, where it tips the scales at approximately 27kg, as it comes with a range of 60 to 73 kilometers with light pedaling.


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