Illinois Hospital Uses Navigo Digital Signage to Show Patient Status

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At St. Joseph’s Hospital Highland, in Highland, Ill., Navigo pulls patient status information, in real time, from the hospital’s third-party patient tracking system. As part of the Navigo design, the hospital now offers an immediate and private way to offer updates on patients through the digital display. The third-party system already assigns a unique numeric code for each patient at check-in. Family and loved ones are provided the numeric code and instructed to refer to the Navigo digital display in the waiting room for patient updates.

“The Navigo solution offers peace of mind to patient loved ones and frees up medical staff to focus on their patients,” Natalie Bobila, ITS vice president sales and marketing, said. “Getting immediate reassurance on your loved ones is priceless. Maintaining patient confidentiality is essential. The Navigo solution offers both.”

With installations at healthcare, educational, commercial, government and private facilities, Navigo integrates with a variety of existing data sources, providing up-to-date information and eliminating data management redundancy, the company said. Microsoft Outlook integration allows Navigo to display events, meetings, court proceedings and other pre-scheduled activities.

Elsewhere, WB Muncy Elementary School, in Louisville, Ky., uses Navigo as a LEED educational tool for students. The Navigo digital sign displays various presentations about energy consumption, conservation tips and other “green” topics. Since Navigo is BACNet compatible, current energy consumption data is pulled from the school’s maintenance systems and displayed in real time. Live information shown on the Navigo digital sign includes energy consumption in kilowatts, solar panel energy produced, water supply to be transferred to the school and current hot-versus-cold water usage at the school.

“Our systems are designed to constantly be of service to the user and the managers,” Bobila added. “Ensuring that the most up-to-date information is always being displayed, it is imperative that Navigo allows for data integration and other live information such as RSS feeds, TV broadcasts and emergency preparedness alerts.”

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