Inside the ‘green’ energy house of the future

January 18, 2014 by  
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House buyers looking for new homes are increasingly keen to purchase eco-friendly properties.

On average it costs £1,200 to heat a house for a year. But Inside Out has discovered a three-bedroomed house where the energy bills are just £120 per annum.

The Passivhaus is seen by many as the eco-home of the future; built with high levels of insulation, triple glazing and using heat from objects and people inside the house.

Inside Out’s David Whiteley goes inside a Passivhaus at Tye Green near Saffron Walden to see why it is being hailed as ‘the ultimate energy-saving house’.

He speaks to architect Chris Parsons and resident Becky Wallman about why this could be a model for the house of the future.

Inside Out is broadcast on Monday, 20 January at 19:30 GMT on BBC One East and for seven days thereafter on the iPlayer.

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