Is this the world’s most wasteful green idea? Wind turbine produces just £5 …

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Blundering officials have been blasted for installing a wind turbine in such a calm area it will take 452 years to generate enough energy to pay for itself.

The Welsh Government spent £48,000 of tax payers money on the “obscenely expensive vanity project” which produces just £5 worth of electricity a month.

Officials have claimed the turbine is producing such little energy because of a mechanical failure, but the company which installed the structure have said it is the location which is to blame.

Instead of putting up the 60ft turbine on one of Britain’s windiest coastlines, the turbine has been sited in a valley two miles from blustery Cardigan Bay, near Government offices at Aberystwyth in West Wales.

Jonathan Isaby, political director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “If this project had been started when Elizabeth I was on the throne, it would only be reaching break-even point now, sixty years into the reign of Elizabeth II.

“It beggars belief that tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money was squandered on a scheme with such a minuscule return.

“It would seem that the turbine’s installation was nothing more than an obscenely expensive vanity project, with unwitting taxpayers footing the bill.

“Regardless of the mechanical problems experienced so far, this turbine will never achieve value for taxpayers’ money and whoever took the decision to install it should be held to account for approving such egregious waste.”

The turbine was put up in 2009, but its performance has only been monitored since January last year.

The Welsh Government admitted that between then and July this year the turbine generated an average of just 33 kilowatts per month.

At the current price of electricity per kilowatt estimated at 16 pence, an average of just £5.28p worth was generated each month.

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