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August 7, 2013

Willem Post says:


Great article.

I urge readers to read the 100+ comments on the above-referenced Andrew Stein article on VTDigger.com

The Lowell Mountain Industrial Wind Plant is on a 2,500-ft-high, formerly-pristine, now-ruined, ridge line in northern Vermont.

It may become a major tourist attraction, if you don’t mind the ” code-allowed” VARIABLE, IMPULSE noises, “45 dBA, averaged over one hour, outside a nearby residence”, meaning the noises could be ranging from 55 dBA to 30 dBA, for an average of 45 dBA (don’t open the windows, even on a 90-degree day).

Many sickened neighbors within about 2 miles have become “road kill”; they hate the noise and would like to move away, if they could afford it.

Note: 30 dBA is the STEADY sound of a refrigerator running. For each 3 dB, the sound pressure level, SPL, doubles. Thus, the SPL of 45 dB is 2 to the 5th power, i.e., 32 times, greater than of 30 dB.  

Standard rotor (90 m dia) production = 63 x 8760 x 0.2842 = 156,844 MWh/yr

Production on DPS SPEED site = 63 x 8760 x 0.338 = 186,570 MWh/yr 

Large rotor (117 m dia) production = 63 x 8760 x 0.3587 = 197,959 MWh/yr 

Here is Lowell’s ACTUAL 2013 production with the large rotor.

Month,   Days,   MWh,      CF


Jan,        31,     8437,   0.180

Feb,        28,     9229,   0.218

Mar,        31,     7828,   0.167

Apr,        30,     7348,   0.162

May,        31,   10452,   0.223

Jun,         30,     8392,   0.185


Total,     181,   51686,  0.189


Actual production is about 50% of the large rotor production CLAIMED to get (rubber-stamp) approval from the Public Service Board. The $10.5 million, ISO-NE-required, synchronous-condenser plant, on line end 2013, which will reduce curtailments, may bring the actual production capacity factor to about 0.25, similar to Maine, slightly greater than New York State. The S-C plant will reduce Lowell’s output by about 3% and has its own levelized Owning+OM costs.


According to the owning utility, GMP, Lowell would produce energy at about 10 c/kWh at a CF of 0.3587.


Likely, it would be about 15 c/kWh at 0.25, and 20 c/kWh at 0.189! Grid prices in New England were about 5.0 to 5.5 c/kWh for the past 4 years.


See these articles for more information regarding this environmental and financial fiasco; each has more than 4,000 views on TEC:





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