Joliet Goes Green: City Purchases Renewable Energy Credits

February 10, 2014 by  
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The City of Joliet is looking to get a little greener.

This week, officials OK’d the purchase of renewable energy credits (REC) to help offset the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. The contract is with JustGreen, a subsidiary of Just Energy Group.
In a press release, the city said REC will be used to help offset the City’s electricity use for the next three years totaling approximately 167 million Kwh, which is equivalent to planting three million trees and taking 25,000 vehicles off the roads

The RECs purchased by Joliet are sourced by 100 percent wind power facilities and are certified by Green-e Energy, the nation’s leading certification program for renewable energy, according to the city.

City of Joliet Accounting Manager Paul Pluth said the three-year deal will cost Joliet 4.79 cents per kilowatt hour, an 8.5 percent increase over what the city currently pays. He said the company was the low bidder, adding “Energy [price] has gone up generally.”

Considering the volume of electricity used by the city, going green could make a big environmental impact.

“We consume a lot of energy,” City Manager Jim Hock said. “We’ve got all these pumps at 14 different wells that are running constantly,” plus the city’s wastewater treatment facility. “This year, it just so happened that the renewable energy was the low bidder,” he said.

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