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Posted: Friday, March 15, 2013 11:22 pm

Just try it

by Genny McCutcheon



I’d lost count of the number of apartment buildings we had toured by the time my daughter Kristen and I wandered into Harry’s, a seafood grille in Gainesville, Fla. We’d long exhausted our fuel provided by the English muffin and banana we’d grabbed early that morning at the Hampton Inn.

The last dinner guests were putting their tips on the table as Kristen and I collapsed into tall chairs at the bar and ordered an appetizer. I sat in a zombie-like trance, sipping a cherry cola — something I normally order only at the movies.

The restaurant clock read 10:12 p.m. but our work was not finished. When we got back to the hotel, we planned to put together a comparison spreadsheet for the apartments. Even so, all I could think about was crawling under the sheets and calling it a night.

We started in on our appetizer — a “Jazzy Trio” of shrimp, crawfish and calamari. Meanwhile, dessert was served to the party of three sitting to our right. They — two men and a woman — caught me looking. OK, maybe staring.

Their plate held five delicate puff pastries drizzled with what looked like white chocolate.

“What are you having?” I asked (and hoped they couldn’t see me drooling).

“Oreo beignets in white chocolate bourbon sauce,” said one of the men. “They were just added to the menu. Try one. We have more than enough.” (Yes, they had seen me drooling.)

I declined their offer, but their generosity transformed my mood. A random act of kindness can revive one’s tired spirit. A second wind replaced the fog that had enveloped me only minutes before.

The three introduced themselves as Bennett, Chelsea, and Dave. I’m not often accurate in estimating ages, but I am confident they were younger than me and older than Kristen.

Bennett launched into a discussion about food and chocolate. I confessed my love for chocolate and talked about my unsuccessful attempts to put it out of my life.

Bennett was from Jacksonville, but said he traveled to Gainesville regularly for his work. Dave, who was dating Chelsea, had once worked with Bennett.

When Kristen told them about her graduate program at the University of Florida, the three were eager to give her advice about the Gainesville area. We were immersed in conversation when a plate of Oreo beignets appeared in front of Kristen and me.

“Enjoy,” Bennett said. “My treat.”

That’s how we learned Bennett is the corporate chef for Harry’s. Good thing I had not yet divorced chocolate.

We talked with our new friends for a while longer, then headed back to the hotel. And, yes, we had plenty of energy to compare apartments.

Whether we have a good day is up to us, 99 percent of the time. Bennett, Chelsea and Dave reminded me that we also have the power to make or break another person’s day.

A smile, a compliment, or, “try it. We have more than enough” can make all the difference.


Friday, March 15, 2013 11:22 pm.

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