Karnataka CM’s tips to improve power scene

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BANGALORE: Ensure the existing power units in the state produce power to its full capacity, prevent frequent breakdowns at thermal plants, bring down the transmission and distribution loss below 18% and take up energy audit.

These are some of valuable tips, chief minister Siddaramaiah offered to energy minister D K Shiva Kumar to improve Karnataka’s “dark” power scene.

The occasion was the 45th foundation day of Karnataka Power Corporation (KPC) in Bangalore on Sunday.

Speaking after inaugurating the event, Siddaramaiah said: “Power situation is the state is not good. The situation is expected to turn worse as the consumption will only increase by the day. It is high time the energy minister and officials pulled up their socks to meet the future demand” he added

He said KPCL has been generating 6509 MW of hydel, thermal and wind energy. “What we understand is that there is scope to double it if all the existing units work to its full capacity. We need to achieve this to tide over power crisis time and again”

Referring to frequent breakdowns of thermal power plants in Raichur, Siddaramaiah said: “The state plunges into darkness when ever there is break down. We need to have some kind of back ups to prevent it”

He said its unfortunate that the T D losses continue to hover around 21-22%. This should be somehow brought down below 18 %.

The CM said there is need urgent need for conducting an energy audit. “The energy department has always resisted an audit. When I made a proposal for the first time in 2006, it did happen because the department was not keen on it. I hope Shivakumar (DK) will take all these issues on priority,” he added

Earlier, Shivakumar said he has envisaged programmes to make the state energy surplus and ensure more investment comes to the state.

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