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Dr Rania Khalil (second right) at the Newton International School.

DOHA: An educational campaign to promote a culture of environmental awareness by Qatar University’s College of Engineering (CENG) students recently ended following a programme of activities aimed at several primary schools. 

The week-long campaign organised by student members of the Social Club of CENG’s Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAUP), featured lectures on recycling and saving water, distribution of information material on conservation, discussions about global warming, carbon footprint and the greenhouse effect, and other related activities.  The campaign targeted 4 to 10 year-old students at Newton International School, Al Maha Academy for Girls, Al Khansa Independent Primary School for Girls, and Al Hekma International School.

The programme was supported by the Department under the supervision of assistant professor Dr Rania Khalil and teaching assistant Reham Qawasmeh, as well as the Health, Safety, Security and Environment and Logistics Department of Lusail City, and Khazan Qatar. Lusail Environmental and Sustainability Manager Alf Ziegler and Khazan Qatar sales supervisor Ahmed Fawzy took part in the school visits.

A lecture on “What does it mean to go green” was presented by Dr Khalil and club members and included what sustainability means, as well as tips on recycling. This was followed by a question and answer session on how to save the planet’s resources, including advice on saving water, energy, and materials recycling. A set of interactive activities with the young students resulted in the winners being awarded green apples and art and craft supplies donated by the Club.

Club members — Juwana Darwiche and Basma Aboukalloub — applauded the schools’ activities on environmental awareness where, teachers held discussions on recycling and other conservation issues with their students in preparation for their participation in the campaign. 

“It was an  excellent and a pleasant experience to share with today’s primary students who will be tomorrow’s university students  in recognising the importance of preserving our planet’s resources and in contributing to saving our environment,” they said.

At Al Maha School where the students were wearing green, club members learned that the school had already adopted a material recycling project and that the first and second graders were preparing to take part in the Earth Day celebrations. Same-age students at Al Khansa Primary and Al Hekma International School were fully aware of the subjects and topics being introduced and were very interactive during the discussions, club members noted. 

In her presentation to students at Newton International School, Dr Khalil oriented them to the Earth’s position in the solar system. She also explained the importance of water to humans and all living creatures and plants where water makes up 70 percent of the planet and oceans hold 97 percent of all the Earth’s water. Students were also introduced to several pollutants that impact on the planet to encourage their collaboration in applying conservation techniques at home. Dr Khalil suggested ways to help save the planet such as turning off lights and computers when not in use, turning off the tap while brushing teeth, and cleaning up and collecting the trash.

Khazan Qatar distributed water to the students who then learned how to recycle the bottles. 

Meanwhile, Lusail City handed out booklets and leaflets that carried more than 50 tips to help students and their families understand the environment and how to contribute to saving the planet’s resources.

Dr Khalil said: “The campaign sent a message to all students, parents, and teachers about recycling unwanted and rarely-used materials. This is one of the activities that aim to draw our students’ attention to the value of the materials they use and the importance of sharing their knowledge with others.”

She said the campaign served to support class teachers in delivering the message of recycling and environmental conservation to their young students. 

Alf Zeigler told club members: “To bring the message of how to live more sustainably to the youngest is the absolute right way and it was wonderful to see how engaged you are in the topic of green living and sustainability. Lusail City having that same topic at the very heart of its vision, we were proud to support the campaign with educational and information material. We are looking forward to sharing more initiatives of this nature”.

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