Lansing to get wind-generated power in 2014

September 14, 2013 by  
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LANSING — — Lansing’s municipal power company plans to start offering wind-generated electricity next fall as part of an effort to boost its renewable energy options, officials said.

The Lansing Board of Water Light announced last week that it has entered a power purchase agreement with Exelon Wind that will bring in wind energy-generated electricity in 2014. The power will be from eight wind turbines near Ithaca in Gratiot County, roughly 40 miles north of Lansing.

“This adds another clean-energy component to the BWL’s renewable energy portfolio,” BWL General Manager J. Peter Lark said.

Each wind turbine for the project will be capable of producing 2.4 megawatts of electricity. All eight are expected to generate a total of about 60,000 megawatt hours annually, the utility said, enough energy to power more than 6,600 homes.

Exelon Wind owns and operates other wind farms in Michigan.

Other renewable energy offerings from the Board of Water Light include its Moores Park hydroelectric unit along the Grand River and its Cedar Street Solar Array, which consists of 432 solar panels. Its headquarters also has solar panels.

The Board of Water Light also has agreements with Lansing’s Granger Landfill Energy, which operates two facilities that turn landfill gas into electricity, and Tower/Kleber Hydro, which operates a northern Michigan hydroelectric unit near Cheboygan.

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