LETTER: Clean energy shouldn’t be singled out for taxation

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Two bills pending in the State Legislature, HB 3520 and SB 3296, would increase taxes on green energy production by 6,500 percent and cost an estimated 76,000 jobs.

Even losing a fourth as many jobs would idle as many people as the entire population of Stewart County. Any projected increase in revenue would be minimal because this would be a huge disincentive, and indeed the financial note to the bills cites foregone revenue.

A grid powered by many scattered energy sources would be less likely to be disrupted by natural disaster or human malice or error than one powered by a few huge installations, and power generated close to where it’s used is more efficient because less is lost in transmission.

There are also health costs attributed to the use of dirty energy. The value of health? Priceless. I am being treated for allergies; hey, it’s fun to breathe!

Every form of energy gets subsidies and tax breaks of various kinds. Clean energy should not be singled out for death by taxation. Our health, jobs, and the ability of concerned citizens and businesses to participate, as well as Tennessee’s emerging leadership position in this field, are at stake.

Our large, centralized power installations have literally lit up our lives for many years, but it’s time to move forward; the $2 billion cost overrun at the Watts Bar nuclear plant shows that we can no longer afford energy that is “too big to fail.”


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