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We’re emerging from a harsh but not unprecedented winter. Folks are having to deal with big electric bills, but they could have been much higher.

The electric grid was heavily stressed and it was difficult — and costly — to supply electricity continuously. We were fortunate to have operational coal-fired power stations to carry the load.

But this will end as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implements unattainable and illegal global warming regulations making it impossible to build new coal plants. EPA will follow with regulations to crush out existing plants, hopelessly crippling the grid.

Sunshine and gentle breezes can’t possibly fill the gap. Even EPA’s own climate forecasting tools show that its coal-killing regulations would make no measurable temperature difference in 2100. Why should we have to suffer such pain for no gain?

Today in Germany, many households can’t afford electricity because of the high costs resulting from “green” electricity mandates.

Germans are suffering the paradox of low-cost coal plants being forced to reduce generation because they can’t compete with highly subsidized renewable power. (It doesn’t help that they continue shutting down nuclear generation.)

Right now, the German government is working feverishly to reverse the economic damage done by the renewables mandate.

We don’t have to suffer the same pain as the Germans.

Congress must exercise its duty of oversight and shut down EPA’s economically crippling and illegal war on coal.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has introduced legislation to minimize EPA’s destructive initiative. We should demand that our senators join Manchin.

Plainfield Township

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