Letter: Solar and wind energy easily outlasts oil supply

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Solar and wind energy easily outlasts oil supply

I had to laugh when I read the letter from a guy in Niagara Falls who’s all excited about a 100-year supply of oil and natural gas in the United States, as if that were a lot.

Consider this: 20,000 times the energy that humanity uses in a single year falls onto the earth as solar energy. And every single year, seven times more energy than all of humanity uses in a year is available from wind. That doesn’t even count geothermal and ocean tide power. And it’s cleaner than fossil fuel, far less harmful to humans and the natural environment than burning natural gas or storing spent nuclear fuel.

More importantly, it is infinite: it will last as long as the sun does. We’re talking billions of years, not just a piddly 100 years. Contrary to the industry propaganda, we do have the means to store solar and wind energy and we also have the means to transmit it to places where it ain’t.

Why are we investing in technology that will be obsolete in 100 years as opposed to something that’s infinite? What’s blocking progress?

It ain’t Obama and the Democrats. It’s the propaganda that profit-greedy oil and gas industry executives pump out and the gullible public that believes it.

Larry Brooks


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