Letter: Wind power reality check

November 24, 2012 by  
Filed under Green Energy News

Recent articles about the proposed wind farm, including “Wind farm floated” (Monitor front page, Nov. 19) and “Newfound Lake is under turbine attack”(Monitor Opinion page, Nov. 20), prompt a reality check.

Anyone who opposes wind power should be required to view a documentary on destructive coal-mining practices, from those in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin to those in Appalachia, including the irreversible practice of mountaintop removal.

In our cost analysis of various forms of energy, we must factor in the subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and the health cost of the emitted pollution from fossil fuels, not only mercury and other toxins but also the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

We should all ascertain the source of our electricity. As President Obama has said, the country that leads in clean energy in the 21st century will lead the world. The United States has fallen behind. Let’s harvest our energy from the skies, rather than extracting it from the ground. New Hampshire is poised to lead the way!



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