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In her letter of Nov. 14, Anne Rolfes, of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, takes The Advocate to task for a story about proposed petrochemical plants along the Mississippi River. She wants more healthy and pollution-free economic development. Among her other ideas is renewable energy. She is upset at the ongoing accident history of the oil and chemical plants. Yes, accidents do happen when complcated machinery and humans are involved. Equipment will fail. Humans will make poor judgment decisions. Such is life in the industrial age. But I am afraid her vision for Louisiana would bring us a pure, sterile, but starving state and country.

As to renewable energy, I have to wonder why the Bucket Brigade and other environmental groups aren’t filing suits demanding that wind farms and solar farms be shut down just as the offshore oil industry was until safety measures can be put in place to mitigare the killing of birds, including endangered species such as eagles. They are being killed by the hundreds of thousands by the whirling knives of the wind farms. Just recently an article in The Advocate said at least 600,000 bats had been killed by those long knives.

Birds are being killed in the Pacific Flyway in California because of the solar farms. The birds think that they see water and dive into the panels. Some are found at such sites with singed feathers. Where is the outrage by the Bucket Brigade? I haven’t seen any outcry from them in connection with the proposed wind farm in south Louisiana in a flyway.

Corn growing is savaging more than 1,000,000 acres of grassland in Nebraska and the Dakotas so ethanol can be produced. This is an inferior fuel and requires copious amounts of fertilizer to grow. Plowing, harvesting etc. require a lot of gasoline.

Fossil fuels are the only ones that will provide our energy needs in the quantities required for a healthy economy for decades to come. Green energy right now does not provide what we need. A healthy economy means healthier people. The Advocate’s story is good for the state’s future prosperity.

Wayne Blankenship Jr.

oil and gas independent


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