Letters point out wind energy shortcomings

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By Letter to the Editor on November 6, 2013.

I’d like to thank The Herald for publishing the Dave Mabell article on wind power, and subsequent letters from Clive Schaupmeyer, Cosmos Voutsinos, Ron Renwick, Laurence Hoye, Shaun Ward, Hotze Wiersma and Bryson Brown.

We should have known that the implicit subsidy to wind power through free access to the transmission system provided by electricity users would not be enough. Now the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is undertaking a scary slick campaign to have Albertans provide still more subsidy. Their recommendations amount to sharply increased taxes on carbon dioxide emissions, thus increasing the price of fossil fuel electricity. Fortunately, the letters inspired by the article have gone a long way to point out the shortcomings of wind energy – and the possibility carbon dioxide emission reduction may not even be necessary.

Cosmos Voutsinos challenged The Herald to sponsor a public forum on CanWEA’s case for wind power, perhaps via a panel discussion. Another possibility would be to invite Mr. Voutsinos to provide a review article, or op-ed, on CanWEA’s “WindVision 2025: A Strategy for Alberta.” Letters to the editor could again serve to inform the public of contrary opinion.

Albertans do need affordable energy. If we only hear from those promoting various forms of renewable energy we are likely to follow down the slippery path established by other jurisdictions to energy poverty and a weak economy.

Thanks again, Herald, for the heads-up on CanWEA aspirations.

Duane Pendergast


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