LETTERS: Readers want more green energy, public education funding

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Posted: Friday, December 27, 2013 12:00 am

LETTERS: Readers want more green energy, public education funding


I was excited to read the Dec. 19 article from The Brownsville Herald in The Monitor stressing green energy technology, “Making wind work, offshore generation project near SPI seeks to drive down cost”. Solar, wind and energy efficiency are making big gains in Texas, especially with new projects such as these.

We are living through the effects of global warming in many ways. From Hurricane Dolly to state-wide drought and water regulation codes, we cannot continue living in this state of precariousness. Luckily, activists in the Valley and throughout the nation have been working to ensure that we can prevent more climate change and change the future.

However, deep-pocketed polluting interests want to reverse this progress and dismiss pro-environmental legislation. We must urge our elected officials and other prominent Texas voices to push for the strongest possible carbon pollution limits for power plants. If we don’t act soon, these facilities will worsen our health and endanger future generations.

Considering the success of this past year, we can stay strong and conscientious and urge lawmakers to fight for our health, air, water and open spaces.

Samantha Walker, McAllen


So Greg Abbott, Republican candidate for Texas governor, touts the IDEA schools. But he has also been a leader in repeated attacks in the state Legislature on public education.

Sure, there are worthy aspects of private and charter schools, however, state-funded public education — from early childhood through university — is the key to Texas’ future.

Abbott represents a private, dog-eat-dog Texas, while state Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has a superb sense of how connected all in Texas are. She knows that government, no matter the level, must help further the public’s potential via education, health and employment of each individual.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville


Friday, December 27, 2013 12:00 am.

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