Locals to get veto power over wind farms

June 6, 2013 by  
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A senior Conservative source said: “The Prime Minister strongly feels that
this is a real local issue and if people don’t want to have wind farms they
don’t have to have them. This is a bomb proof set of safeguards to protect
the wishes of local people.”

Eric Pickles, the local government secretary, will announce that legal
planning guidance is to be altered and he will write to all councils and the
Planning Inspectorate demanding that they use the new principles in current

Mr Pickles said: “We want to give local communities a greater say on planning,
to give greater weight to the protection of landscape, heritage and local

However, despite senior Conservatives heralding the end of new onshore wind
farms, the Liberal Democrats – including the Energy Secretary – believe that
the new system of incentives could actually spark an increase turbines.

The Energy Department says that a community agreeing to a modest wind farm
could see their power bills fall by an average of £400 per household.

Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, said: “We remain committed to the deployment
of appropriately sited onshore wind, as a key part of a diverse, low-carbon
and secure energy mix and committed to an evidence-based approach to
supporting low carbon power.

“This is an important sector that is driving economic growth, supporting
thousands of new jobs and providing a significant share of our electricity
and I’m determined that local communities should share in these benefits.”

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