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MISSION HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills steps up as a
leader, setting an example by implementing smart microturbine technology
in an effort to create a more sustainable operation within their

Capstone C800 natural gas fueled microturbines
will be installed and
used in a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) application to offset the
facility’s electric base load in addition to providing steam and hot
water, boosting their overall site efficiency. “The Capstone
microturbine opportunity that Regatta Solutions developed for our
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, CA hits the sweet
spot of our energy management program: it lowers operating costs,
reduces impacts on community services, and contributes substantially to
the Southland’s clean air goals,” said Richard Beam, System Director of
Energy Management Services at Providence Health Services. Capstone
Microturbines do not require lubricants or coolants and have few
maintenance intervals, providing the hospital with low fixed operating
costs. In addition to low maintenance of equipment and broad range of
benefits, Providence Holy Cross was also able to take advantage of California’s
SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program)
, which provides incentives
to support existing, new, and emerging distributed energy resources.

At a separate hospital location in Southern California, Regatta
secured an order for a Capstone C1000 natural gas
microturbine. This hospital location will be utilizing a CCHP (Combined
Cooling Heat and Power) application, offsetting the electric base load
while also utilizing the exhaust heat to provide absorption chilling.
This configuration in concert with California’s SGIP incentive reduced
the payback period, creating a triple bottom line impact for
environmental, social, and economic benefits. “Healthcare facilities,
such as hospitals, operate 24 hours per day with continuous demands for
electricity as well as hot water, steam, or chilling needs. Microturbine
technology makes good sense for facilities managers looking for
equipment with low maintenance, high availability, and low emissions
characteristics to address their energy needs,” said Mark
Gilbreth, CTO at Regatta Solutions
. This project qualified for over
$500,000 in SGIP incentives, adding to the benefits associated with
energy efficient turbine technology.

has established itself as a premier infrastructure
consulting company providing clients subject matter expertise and
delivering environmentally friendly solutions related to distributed
power generation.

Solutions Inc.
is a Premier Capstone Distributor covering
California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Regatta’s professional
services and product applications use proven methodologies to deliver
efficiency and positively impact our customers’ bottom lines.

Using Capstone Microturbine technology as a prime mover, Regatta
Solutions provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy
solutions for prime power, secure power, peak shaving, and stand-by
energy requirements.

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