Luton cooks up green energy from recycled cooking oil

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Residents in Luton are being encouraged to recycle their cooking oil

RESIDENTS in Luton are being encouraged to recycle their used cooking oil at local household waste and recycling facilities, in order to help keep the lights on across the country.

Traditionally a difficult waste to dispose of, it costs UK water companies around £15 million each year to clean blockages in sewers that, if left untreated, could cause pipes to leak or drainage to back-up into homes.

However, used cooking oil disposal tanks were placed at both the Eaton Green and Progress Way Tidy Tips four years ago by Luton Council in partnership with FCC Environment and since that time enough green energy has been produced to brew over two and a half million cups of tea or power an oven for over forty thousand hours.

All used cooking oil is taken to eco-firm Living Fuels’ recovery facility where it is settled and filtered naturally into a chemical-free bioliquid that is then fed into generators to produce environmentally friendly electricity for the National Grid.

Rob Murphy, Living Fuels’ Operations Manager commented, “Luton residents have been great at recycling their waste cooking oil and we hope the trend is set to continue. We especially encourage people to take their oil to the tidy tips after the excess of Christmas, as the increase of oil over the festive period can lead to drain blockages.”

Cllr Dave Taylor, Portfolio Holder for environment at Luton Borough Council, said: “It’s great to see such strong continuing support for recycling used cooking oil at Luton’s two Household Waste Recycling Centres in Progress Way and Eaton Green Road.

“Cooking oil is traditionally a difficult waste to dispose of, with many homeowners admitting that pouring it down the drain is their preferred method of disposal.

“However, not only is this illegal but it can cause expensive blockages, bad smells and attract vermin as well as causing damage to wildlife and watercourses.”

Simon Hale, FCC Environment’s Regional Operations Manager, said: “This shows that providing members of the public with the facilities to recycle used cooking oil results in a significant amount of this waste being collected. Recycling used cooking oil is important as it brings significant sustainability benefits by reducing potential environmental damage and generating valuable renewable energy.”

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