Making bath time fun for toddlers

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If your little one dreads taking a bath, there are ways to make it enjoyable and sneak in time for play.
Bath time is a fun way to bond with your toddler. Some toddlers cannot wait to dip their chubby toes in the bath water. Others, however, dread bath time. They hate it so much they would resist and scream before you could even get them into the bathroom. Here are some tips on how to keep bath time easy and enjoyable for your toddler, whether he hates it or not.

Bring out the bubbles. Bubbles fascinate children of all ages. The bath is a great way to introduce these entertaining delights to toddlers. Make bubbles from the shampoo and soap. When they’ve settled on the bath water, cup them in your hands and blow them in the air. The soapy bubbles can elicit a giggle or two from the wee one.

Put a basket of bath toys in a basket. Pick out your child’s favourite toys that can be brought to the bath, such as a rubber duck or plastic animals. Once you announce that it’s bath time, show him the basket of toys you’ve pre-selected. For those who enjoy baby dolls, your toddler can take them to the tub and give them a bath too. You can also include rubber books meant for reading in the bath. Bath crayons can also be used by baby. Toddlers can colour on the bathroom walls. These colouring aids designed for bath use can be easily rinsed away with water and a wipe of a rag. Rotate these bath toys weekly so your toddler can always find something refreshing to play with.

Take out some cups from the kitchen. Plastic cups can be enjoyed by the toddler when you teach him how to transfer water from cup to cup. You could also just leave one cup in the tub with him and see what he’ll do. Most likely he will scoop water into the cup and pour it out afterwards. This can keep him entertained long enough for you to finish washing his hair and body!

While you’re at the kitchen, why not grab a plastic funnel and some plastic bottles with holes punched into them? There’s no need for expensive bath toys when the kitchen can provide tools for bath time amusement too!

Get in the tub with them! Then you can teach him how to play with his water toys. Best of all, your toddler can feel at ease if you slide into the tub with them. Hopefully he won’t dread bath time as much in the future! As for you, you can opt to wear a bathing suit when you get into the bath with him, if that makes you more comfortable.

Put on some music. While baby gets soaped up in the tub, both of you could listen to some songs or stories playing on your music player. Choose music according to the mood you want to set for bath time. If it’s nearing bedtime and you want to wind down but still make bath fun, play some lullabies. Fun nursery rhymes can be played for those little ones who are buzzing with energy in the bath. Try playing some tracks that contain the soothing sounds of nature, such as rain or waves crashing in the beach. This relaxes not only you, but that little toddler who may need a little calming down in the bath.

Create beautiful bath time memories for you and your toddler. Soon, your toddler will grow up and be able to take a bath on his own. Right now, build your bond over bubbles and bath time baubles. Let the bathroom be not only a sanctuary for cleanliness, but a place where your toddler can get clean and still have fun!

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