Making green energy investments affordable

April 10, 2012 by  
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Vermont political and financial leaders are gathered in Burlington Monday with a focus on connecting the middle class with green energy improvements.

Senator Bernie Sanders and the Shumlin administration brought together green energy companies, credit unions and financial investors with a goal of making energy-friendly investments more accessible for families without access to capital up front. Sanders says families will be able to pay the money back with the money they will be saving on their fuel and electric bills. He says the state needs to create a system that opens up access to this money to make energy efficiency a reality for everyone.

“We already have weatherized something like 15-thousand homes, but the middle class hasn’t gotten involved as much as they should. That is because there is up front cost required. That is the challenge – how do you weatherize homes, how do you get people the money, how do you save money on oil bills and how do you create jobs by doing that,” Sen. Sanders said.

According to Efficiency Vermont statistics, a 10-thousand dollar efficiency investment can result in annual savings of about $800 dollars which would mean a 12-year pay back period for families.

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