Maxim photos of grownup Ruthie Camden should make you feel old, creepy …

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These photos of a grownup Ruthie Camden should make you feel pretty old and creepy.

Mackenzie Rosman, who played Ruthie on the preachy evening soap opera “7th Heaven” went and pulled a Jessica Biel and posed half-naked for a seedy men’s magazine.

Rosman, now 23, played the youngest, wholesome Camden sibling from 1996 to 2007. Now that she is good and irrelevant, she decided to increase her Google search results by posing in lingerie and a mesh tank top in the photo shoot.

When Maxim asked if she thought people would be “surprised” to see her with half of her clothes on she replied, “They might be. But you know what? It’s who I am.”

Fortunately, Rosman doesn’t have a CW series to get fired from right now. When Biel posed seductively for Gear magazine back when she was just 17, “7th Heaven” producers retaliated by severely reducing her screen time.

Ruthie Camden then:

Ruthie CamdenRuthie Camden

Ruthie Camden now:

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