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Graeme Yorke

11:07 EST, 18 September 2013


11:11 EST, 18 September 2013

Middlesbrough are set to become Britain’s first big sports venue to be powered by wind turbines.

Boro aren’t the only club looking to go green, with two other major sides said to be in talks to follow suit, according to The Sun.

The club will site a 136m-tall wind turbine supplied by London-based renewable energy developer, Empowering Wind Group, in the Riverside Stadium’s overflow car park.

Going green: The Riverside will be the first British sports venue to have wind turbines

Going green: The Riverside will be the first British sports venue to have wind turbines

The 1.5MW turbine will provide all the electricity required for the stadium for the next 20 years, replacing power that would otherwise be drawn from the National Grid with carbon-free energy generated by the wind.

Boro Chief Executive Neil Bausor says: ‘We are   delighted   to launch this   pioneering initiative in association with Empowering Wind, which gives us a major environmental lead in football.   

‘Energy consumption is a key factor for all businesses and we have worked incredibly hard in recent years to reduce our costs significantly.

Quick transition: The turbines should be in place by the end of next season

Quick transition: The turbines should be in place by the end of next season

‘It is exciting to think we will become the UK’s first football club to have a completely sustainable energy consumption programme.

‘As well as being good for the environment, this initiative will also enable us to make extra savings and enhance our aspirations on the field.’

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I remember Manchester City in 2006 trying to do such a thing as well with an 80 metre high turbine. However I doubt Boro’s scheme will get the go ahead either as City’s was abandoned on fear of falling ice. Google ‘Manchester City wind turbine’ if you don’t believe me.

Ste Sully

19/9/2013 00:51

So when there is a windless day they will have to postpone the match, I suppose evening kick offs will go the same way as well, Gullible fools will regret this for a long time.

finbarr saunders

stuff the EU.,
18/9/2013 23:31

Stick them in the seating areas of the stand where there are supposed to be fans.

northern lights keep shining

the solar system,
18/9/2013 23:02

Really want Boro to return to the Premier League.


Old Trafford, United Kingdom,
18/9/2013 23:01

Those renewable energy firms have some top salesman.


18/9/2013 22:29

They want to put down a solid fanbase


18/9/2013 20:34

Boro will do anything for more fans


18/9/2013 19:39

Hopefully it helps with the financial fair play. Cuts the clubs running cost which could hopefully be put into the team or academy.


18/9/2013 19:17

Will it blow the ball in or keep it out of the net?


Severalplaces, United Kingdom,
18/9/2013 18:54

Doubt they will be visible, what with the smog and all


mansfield, notts,
18/9/2013 18:27

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