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( — December 30, 2013) San Diego, California – It has been established that people use more energy in the month of December and subsequently suffer a shock when they get their bills in January.  This is because December is often a time when families light up Christmas trees and outside lights, do a lot of holiday cooking and keep more lights on in the house for guests and parties.  Days are also shorter, so homeowners need more electricity during this time of year.


In January, when the electric bills come in, combined with the high credit card bills from holiday shopping, many homeowner receive a post-holiday shock.  Milholland Electric, a leading installer of solar power in San Diego as well as traditional electric installation and repair, offers some easy tips to keep electric bills down this holiday season.

•    Turn electricity off when not in use.  This may seem self-evident, but a quick walk through a home will generally find ceiling fans operating in empty rooms, lights on in closets or other uses of electricity that could be cut back.
•    Arrange cooking and baking to take place in one time period.  Baking in particular uses a great deal of energy to heat up an oven.  Once the oven is heated, it is easier to keep it warm, so plan to do all baking or roasting at one time if possible.  Combine tasks by baking or roasting more than one item at a time.
•    Empty the refrigerator.  A refrigerator that is packed full not only uses more energy to cool but may not keep foot at safe temperatures.
•    Put lights on a timer.  It is easy to forget to turn off outside lights, so put them on a timer to shut off automatically.

Milholland Electric is a leading provider of solar installation in San Diego as well as throughout southern California and Arizona.

About Milholland Electric:  Milholland Electric is a solar company in San Diego that serves southern California and Arizona with both solar and traditional electric service.  For professional solar panel installation in San Diego as well as repair and installation of traditional electrical systems, contact Milholland Electric.

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