Mt Morgan ‘Macgyver’ offers handy DIY tip for pensioners

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GIVING HANDY TIPS: Mt Morgan pensioner Gerry Kilby finds a bit of loose change following Tuesday’s State Budget. He offers his advice on saving a bit of pocket money. Austin King ROK

MOUNT Morgan DIY specialist Gerry Kilby has just the recipe for fellow pensioners that could cut their weekly bills in half and save them hundreds of dollars.

“Learn to do it yourself, so you don’t have to pay anyone to do it for you.”

In the wake of Tuesday’s State Budget, pensioner Gerry, 73, spoke to The Morning Bulletin about the effects of the Federal Government’s proposed pensioner concession cuts on energy, rates, and transport.

According to the State Budget Concessions Statement 2014-15, individual concessions for electricity, gas, rates, water, car registration, and public transport fares will be reduced unless the Australian Government reinstates its National Partnership funding for concessions.

Gerry admitted it might be a bit late for some pensioners, but he said it paid to “school-up” on “jobs” you could do yourself rather than pay someone to do it.

He believed that would ease the pressure on pensioners’ weekly pay packets.

One handy hint up his sleeve was a part-sugar-part-water recipe that could save residents – who needed to clear waste matter from their septic tanks – up to $600.

“Mix 2kg of sugar with a bit of water and flush it down your toilet,” he said.

“Do this once a week for about three weeks … the sugar feeds the bacteria in your septic system and the bacteria breaks down the waste that builds up in your tanks. Sweeten the devils, I say. This saves people calling in specialists to remove the waste… when I made inquiries 18 months ago, it was going to cost me $600.”

Gerry, a “maintenance” man with oodles of experience in accounting, engineering and business management, built the three houses he owns in Mt Morgan from scratch.

He plans to build a 12m solar-heated swimming pool at his home before summer.



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