NAACP opposes bill freezing green-energy requirements

May 24, 2014 by  
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Calling environmental protection a civil-rights issue, the NAACP is asking Ohio lawmakers to
oppose a proposal that would pull back on renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements.

“There is a great opportunity to make the transition to clean energy,” said Jacqueline
Patterson, director of the NAACP national environmental and climate justice initiative.

She spoke this morning in Columbus, urging legislators to vote against Senate Bill 310. The
bill puts a two-year freeze on state standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and then
makes changes to rules for when they resume in 2017.

The bill has passed the Senate and may come up for a vote in the House next week. It has the
support of electricity utilities and many business groups, which say the current rules are too
costly to meet. It is opposed by consumer advocates, environmentalists and some businesses.

Patterson was joined by Ohio NAACP officials and House Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard,

Heard said it is “environmental terrorism” to pull back on rules that lead to cleaner air.

The speakers said black Ohioans are particularly vulnerable to air pollution because they are
more likely to live in neighborhoods near pollution sources.

The NAACP has been active on environmental issues for decades, but the group has not been
visible in the debate over this bill until today.


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