Nebraska Group Plans to Put Wind Turbine in the Way of Keystone

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So we are starting tonight with the latest plan to block the Keystone Pipeline both figuratively and literally actually.

Why it just builds.

The wind turbine.

Right in a way that’s what they’re thinking a group a Nebraska to environmentalist.

And farmers are working to raise 65000 dollars to build renewable energy projects on land directly in the pipelines pack.

Joining me now — John Hansen president of the department’s union one of the groups behind a bush.

Got this idea.

We were looking for a way to be able to use a hybrid wind and solar project to help.

Make more concrete what the real energy choices are for us on this issue.

And by putting it right on the pipeline we will put the president in a position where he if he makes the decision to approve the pipeline.

Will have to approve the tearing down of a forward looking renewable energy.

Community meeting hall.

It is a very creative idea at the same time I have to wonder 65000 dollars does not sound.

Like a very big wind turbine I’ve been out visiting them inside of them they cost millions — – for 65000 box.

Well it’s certainly within the framework of small wind projects and a small wind turbine.

We put up 25 KW kinds.

Small wind turbines all the time and I and we also use solar which is getting more and more competitive all the time.

In the commercial marketplace.

And so we’re not talking about building a wind farm were talking about.

Making eight.

Community meeting hall that will use use these kinds of technologies in a very efficient and productive way.

Forgive me for saying this but critics say you’re gonna build the barn and put a solar panel on top or just the one we in turn right on the top.

If that’s what you’re doing it — it even though it’s it’s a creative idea.

It doesn’t achieve the visual about — looking forward tearing down.

A big renewable project if it’s you know one building with a little something on top.

Well you did — never if you understand very much at all about wind turbines you would never put it on the top of a building.

— – the wind turbine would be separate from the.

Little you know what I’m saying your salary channel while you’re beyond the ring — – building.

Which I turbine or you are I mean I read you were putting solar panels on top where you are you not are — putting him on the bottom — Don’t know its — it goes on the rough the solar panel goes on the rough.

But but the whole point of the thing is the highlight these new oncoming future looking.

Technologies that give us some much better more viable energy future.

It is in stark contrast to opening up some of the dirty is still oil on the planet in order to make the bad situation that were already and worse.

Do you need permits to do assert — you during an on somebody’s private properties — do you not need a permit.

We are checking out all of the local planning and zoning permits and all of those things.

We have a staff person that is working on that.

And we will comply with all of those this is a landowner on the route he is not sign the — He like a lot of other Nebraska landowners had to do not want any part of this project.

And so it is with — his voluntary.

Consent that we’re doing that’s.

So — it will be a nice community meeting hall where the community can use it.

And also the up pipeline folks can meet so it will all have some utility — value and be a nice addition to the community.

How much money have you raised so far what is the reaction been like from the community.

How well that it’s hard to gauge read the — reaction is the community that the folks who were involved in the pipeline issue.

Are very excited about it and they they like the the symbolism that it represents.

And also sort of the the spirit that it that it brings and so we’re just getting a good start on fundraising and so — at about 151000.

Right now and will start putting in concrete — next month in August.

We’ll go up with construction of the building in September.

And then adding in the solar and the wind turbine will go after that.

John Barry created thanks for coming on — – All — thank you for having me.

— the group were.

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