New wind farm approved for Paulding Co.

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PAULDING COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – The amount of wind farms and wind turbines in northwest Ohio is getting larger. The Ohio Power Siting Board approved construction of a new wind farm in Paulding County earlier this week.

The Paulding Progress newspaper first reported the approval of the project.

The OPSB approved an application filed earlier this year by Northwest Ohio Wind Energy LLC to erect at least 59 turbines in Paulding County’s Blue Creek and Latty Townships and the Village of Haviland. 

The project will cover 12,750 acres of mainly farmland. It will sit north of an already operational Blue Creek Wind Farm, which has 152 turbines and is the second largest in Ohio. It will sit east of three Timber Road wind farms, one which is already operational and two more that have been approved for construction.

The combined five projects will bring the total number of wind turbines in the area to 326. 

Ohio has 12 wind farms with one of those farms still needing OPSB approval. Ohio leads the nation in wind energy manufacturing. 

The latest project in Paulding County will produce 100 mega-watts (MW) with a potential output capacity of 250 MW, according to the company’s project website. The company stated a 250 MW project would product enough electricity to power over 65,000 average American homes. The population (as of 2012) in Paulding County is just over 19,000.

According to the project’s application, 274 landowners signed agreements for land lease and wind easements. Financial payments to owners and the county are expected to be in the millions over the life of the project. 

Construction of The Northwest Ohio Wind Farm is expected to start immediately and should be operational by Nov. 2014.

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