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Can I post an article about anything on Bdaily?

No – we only publish articles that are relevant to a business audience. We have 9 sectors which are often a good point of reference if you are unsure. Because we are a business platform, we would not publish articles that are not business relevant. For example we would remove content about music, wildlife, schools etc. unless they had a clear business angle.

I’m confused – what is the difference between News, Advice and Opinion pieces?

News pieces are timely updates on events. Usually the reader is given new or updated information. News is time sensitive.

An Advice piece is something that explains a process, gives hints, tips or pointers on how to do something or improve something. Advice is not usually time sensitive and written to follow a more general theme.

Opinion pieces are again written to fit in with a general theme but giving an experts opinion on something that is of note to the business audience.

Can I add links to my article?

Yes but this is at a cost. If you are publishing your article and wish to add a no-follow link, this will cost £70+VAT. If you wish to publish a free article then you can not add a link. Adding follow links is strictly prohibited and can lead to a member being banned from uploading content.

What is the difference between main news and member news?

The main news is obviously in a more prominent position on the site. This prime location combined with the inclusion on the Bulletin and circulation on our social media accounts is a premium service and costs £100+VAT.

Member news is situated below main news and is free to upload – however, the article will

Why have the heads been chopped off the subject of my image/why is my image pixelated or blurred?

Quite simply the image is not the correct dimensions or not the correct format. Please be sure to check the dimensions and file size of your image before upload. It is important to ensure that these are correct as we want the image to look as it should! The minimum width is 620px, the minimum height is 290px. Maximum file size is 2MB. The formats we accept are .jpg .gif .png.

Is my article edited or moderated prior to publishing?

No. With this in mind please make every effort to run a standard spell check and thoroughly proofread your article prior to publishing. You cannot add links for free. If you wish to add a link this will be at a charge.

How can I edit the article once I have published it?

If you ensure that you are correctly signed in, go into the article and into the top right hand corner. Hover over the top right and a pencil icon will appear. Click onto the pencil icon and this will bring you to the page that you initially used to submit the article, once you are on this page you can make any necessary edits and re-submit.

How long does my article stay on Bdaily for?

Forever! All articles uploaded onto Bdaily are archived, meaning the article doesn’t disappear. If you are writing as yourself, a simple search on your name will bring up all of the articles connected to your account. PR companies may wish to post as a company/client.

Can I build multiple profiles for my clients?

Yes – if you do this it will archive all of the articles for this client in one space – really handy for client meetings!

What do I use the tags for?

We simply use the tags to get your feature in front of the right audience. You use the tags in a similar way to the way you would hashtag an article on Twitter. For example, if your article is about a football sponsor you could tag it with #sport #funding #investment

How do I know I have selected the correct region for my article?

In the initial stages of publishing the article you will be asked which region you wish to choose. If the article is region specific, select the correct region from North East, North West and Yorkshire, if it is a national or international story, you can select these from the options.

Why do I need to select a region?

A region is selected so that the article is placed in the correct region on the site.

Can I post a job for free?

The simple answer is no. We feel our job rate is very reasonable though – you can post a job for a month for just £25+VAT and purchase an Unlimited Jobs Package for £100+VAT per month.

I am posting a job – who should I post as?

This is completely up to yourself. You can post as an individual or a company. As long as there is a valid profile on the Bdaily site, you can post a job. For help on setting up a profile see the first FAQ!

I am having difficulty posting a job – why is this?

Ensure that you are completing all of the sections, all fields require your completion. Most people leave something blank and this will stop the job post completing.

I do not have a job reference number – what should I do?

It is important to fill this field and also by adding a specific reference number, it will allow you to measure how many applicants have used Bdaily to apply. If you do not have a reference, why not choose something like BD001 and continue to number the jobs thereafter.

I do not wish to disclose the exact location or salary – what can I do?

Just make sure that the fields are completed. You could put ‘Tyneside Region’ ‘North West Area’ or a postcode for the location. As regards the salary, you can put ‘TBC’ or ‘Salary Negotiable’

Why do I need to add an email?

This is for the applications to be sent to. You may wish to use an enquiries or information email as opposed to your personal one but this is very much up to you.

Can I add a link to our site, an application form page or jobs website?

Yes this is fine just make sure that when you place it within the advertisement that you add the link using the hyperlink button in the header bar.

Does my job need to be formatted to fit in with a particular style?

Yes, it is helpful if you format the advertisement correctly. Take a look at one of the current jobs to see the preferred format. There are bullet point buttons in the header bar and a button to add an image if you wish.

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