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i’m calling on congress to extend
tax credits
that are set to expire at the end of the year for
clean energy
companies like tpi. [ applause ] let’s not wait, let’s do it now.

that was
president obama
in newton, iowa, yesterday, pushing for
clean energy

tax credits
. this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and this year pain at the pump is not so acute. the national average price for a gallon of regular is $3.67, down 17 cents from a month ago and 14 cents from a year ago. it’s good news for the economy and it maybe it makes it easier for
president obama
to get
back on the table. i mean, well, i would think it would actually, contrary to my script. it actually, i mean it gives
president obama
a little bit of an opening to start talking about renewables again which has been sort of a boggy man or booingyman. he has not wanted to talk about it i think in large part because the republicans have used solyndra effectively within washington. as we said during the break, i don’t think most of this country has any idea what it is. here we have the president talking about
wind energy
and renewables, steve.

i feel the whole issue of
he has been the way the political dialogue runs in washington, he’s been on the defensive. solyndra has been part of it and the ski stone pipeline. the republicans are saying look, here are guaranteed jobs and something for homegrown
. why aren’t we doing this. there’s a consequence for his party, too. there are a couple of races democrats are making a lot of noise about a senate race in
south dakota
they have a chance of winning. i think it’s really hurting the democratic candidate out there. it’s an issue where i think there’s sort of a conflict between obama once he has the environmental base he wants to cater to, but the way the issue is portrayed doesn’t necessarily work in the party’s favor.

i think democrats thought they had this winning issue with
green energy
green jobs
and particularly in coal country in places like pennsylvania, ohio they got killed. republicans are starting to talk about
brown energy
john ellis
had the great column of it’s sort of their winning issue, shale extraction, instant jobs in ohio, pennsylvania particularly. i think republicans love to talk about that.

i mean it, look, the numbers are there. it’s helped with unemployment in some of those states.
mitt romney
has been talking education and also
. this is what he said in an interview with the inimitable
mark halperin
just a day ago.

i will have a very different policy to take advantage of coal, oil,
natural gas
as well as our renewables and nuclear. make america the largest
producer in the world. i think we can get there in 10 or 15 years. that will bring back manufacturing of certain
high energy
intensive industries. it will bring back jobs. it will create a surprising economic revitalizization in this country.

alicia, you’re going to tell people at home, were you rolling your eyes or just closing them?

i think they’re stuck up in my head right now. we can’t have a debate from this if we’re not operating from the same set of facts. domestic
oil production
is up. administration has put emphasis in their
energy policy
on that at the same time talking about renewables. so i would love to know how
mitt romney
thinks his plan is materially different than
barack obama
‘s short of talking about things like keystone which you have people
going wild
over short of talking about opening up even more regions to domestic — it’s ridiculous.

the president has touted the dependence on
foreign oil
has gone down every year. america is now producing more domestic oil than anytime in the last eight years and
natural gas
and biofuels, as well. some credit due to the
bush administration
because they put some of these plans in place. but the question is, you know, i mean on
, it is — it is worth mentioning, frank, that one of romney’s
adviser is oklahoma oil billionaire ar harold ham who has already given $1 million to restore our future.

what you’re seeing happen with
is what you’re going to see happen with issue of an issue which is the attempt by romney and the republicans to paint obama as a pawn of liberal
interest groups
. so regardless of whatever facts you just read, there’s going to be an attempt to say he’s in the pocket of environmentalists and they’re controlling the way he votes. keystone presented an opening to make that argument. when it comes to education, you’ll hear about the teachers union. the narrative is going to be the president responds not to the will of the
american people
but to special liberal
interest groups

bp is something he cut off
deep sea
drilling and doesn’t want us to produce
oil and gas
in this country regardless of the fact that the permitting process is basically on track. coming up, congratulations, graduates. we’ll school you how the candidates fareed this week when we look back and ask, what just happened?

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