Obama Appoints Walmart as Part of His Solar Energy Advocacy[VIDEO]

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Obama appoints Walmart as a part of his campaign towards the climate change.

On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama announced commitments with more than 300 companies and even local governments to use the solar energy technology. The president has been busy campaigning the alternative use of the solar technology in order to address the problems with the climate change. As Obama appoints Walmart in his new advocacy, it is also expected that there will be a double fold of solar installations at its U.S. stores and distribution centers by 2020.

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The Mountain View Walmart in California was chosen since it draws 15 percent of its power from the solar panel on its roof. According to the White House, the solar technology will most likely reduce air pollution due to carbon reduction. It could also power an equivalent of 130,000 homes.

When Obama appoints Walmart to be a part of the solar energy campaign, the company is also working to make 850 million square feet of its buildings more energy efficient, not just through its solar panels but also through its LED lights and less-power refrigerator. However, in choosing the giant retailer, Obama has triggered a backlash from labor unions. According to the unions, Walmart pays low wages to its workers, which is quite ironic since the president made pay equity a central issue during his reign.

However, Walmart said that it pays wages that are competent in the industry. Furthermore, the clashing of energy and jobs as Obama appoints Walmart is not new to the White House. The government previously had a dilemma regarding the Keystone XL pipeline wherein environmentalists opposed it.

A day before the president’s promotion of Friday’s event, the White house already announced that solar energy prices have dropped significantly in four years. Solar panels now cost about 60 percent less.

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