Offshore Wind Energy Grows in Great Lakes, But Not in Ontario

March 10, 2013 by  
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March 10, 2013

Willem Post says:


“That’s a pretty high standard. Can any energy development really protect the environment?”

You are right, it is a high standard. What is meant here, is doing business-as-usual, or are other energy technologies better for the environment than offshore IWTs?

Even though studies are in, that does not mean they provide good enough answers; they may have been paid for by IWT interests.

The reason for the “no rush” is because Canada has enormous reserves of low-cost natural gas, as does the US.

Base-loaded natural gas using 60% efficient CCGTs are about $1,250/kW, emit 1/3 the CO2 of base-loaded coal.

If the aim is to really make a big dent in CO2 emissions, it is a low-cost no brainer to make the switch. It is quick to implement, and needs little grid modifications, and provides steady 24/7/365 energy, and is very beneficial for the environment and pocket book.

Offshore IWTs are about $4,200/kW, plus grid extensions and upgrades, plus spinning/balancing OCGTs, plus balancing CCGTs. Energy from such systems is at least 20 c/kWh, compared with hydro and gas 5-6 c/kWh. 

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