One Stop Green Completes 3.86kW Solar PV System in Piney Point, Texas

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One Stop Green completes a solar photovoltaic install for a 3.86kW system in Piney Point, Texas that includes expansion for additional modules.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 21, 2012

After conducting an initial site survey and identifying the ideal area for a solar photovoltaic system, One Stop Green, an online retailer for energy efficient products and installer of solar photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial properties, has completed the installation of a 3.86kW system, which includes the expansion for additional modules.

Beginning in November of 2011, One Stop Green was contacted by a customer who was interested in making the home he was building in the Piney Point/Memorial area of Texas, entirely green and energy efficient. One Stop Green sent out a sales associate who walked the homeowner through the entire process beginning with a site survey when the home was just beginning to be built. From there, One Stop Green worked with the customer to determine a budget and identify those initiatives that are most important to the customer. Because the home was over 14,000 square feet, the homeowner knew the monthly electricity bills would be through the roof, which is why they focused on a solar photovoltaic system to help mitigate those high electricity costs. The home had just begun its initial construction phase and because solar is so new to the area, this being the first homeowner to install a solar photovoltaic system on their house in this historic part of Houston, the idea was to start small, but allow enough room to eventually grow the system and produce enough energy for the entire home.

After working to prioritize the homeowner’s needs, One Stop Green developed the plans for a 3.68kW system that would roughly produce nearly 20% of the entire home’s energy usage. Because historic consumption rates we’re not available, it was rather difficult to assume how much energy the solar photovoltaic system will actually offset, but based on surrounding homes, the energy experts at One Stop Green we’re able to ascertain figures of consumption rates and therefore estimate power production and off set. As panel prices become cheaper and more incentives become available in this area, the homeowner plans to expand their system, which is why One Stop Green installed additional flash mounts so as to prevent unnecessary work associated with installation of more modules. The homeowners were so proud of their new solar pv system and potential to save money on energy bills that they have asked One Stop Green to return once construction is complete to offer additional products such as energy saving LED light bulbs, water saving toilets, faucets, and rain water harvesting systems.

One Stop Green, LLC facilitates environmentally friendly improvements to residential and commercial properties through distribution of green, energy efficient products and services. They offer every product needed for sustainable energy independence enabling homeowners, businesses and commercial property owners to master their usage by reducing waste and implementing efficient energy consumption methods. Their goal is to provide user friendly and practical long-term solutions to existing inefficiencies and their carefully selected products and professional installers offer a higher level of satisfaction and service for their customers.


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