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Conserving energy can be a complex task with numerous options available to save energy and even generate electricity. The San Juan Green Living Forum, set for Thursday in Mountain Village, aims to help bring clarity to the situation.

The forum is being hosted by the Town of Mountain Village and is sponsored by local utility companies San Miguel Power Association and SourceGas. Eight talks have been lined up, each lasting around 30 minutes, where experts will talk about different ways to save energy. The talks will include a question and answer session and cover things like rebate programs and grants, renewable energy incentives and financing options, the immediate benefits of efficient energy usage and renewable generation, the Telluride Renewed Challenge and the Colorado Climate Action Plan.

The forum is scheduled from 1 to 6 p.m. at Mountain Village Town Hall above the Market.

“There is so much information in multiple places,” said Nichole Zangara Riley, community relations manager for the Town of Mountain Village. “We just decided to pull everyone together who had a ton of information to share with the public and get them all in one room one afternoon. It’s the one stop shop for energy tips, news and information and updates on what’s going on in the San Juan region.”

Each topic is different, but the intent is to help show the full spectrum of green options available in the region. And with question and answer sessions after each talk, the hope is members of the public will come away with answers.

“We definitely want the public to interact,” Zangara Riley said. “This isn’t a lecture-style forum, it is interactive. We want people to ask questions and the Clean Energy Collective has made the recommendation that you bring in your energy bill. They can take a look at that, and maybe help you, based on some of your energy usage history.”

She said some of the talks will focus on complex things like solar panels or certification programs for businesses or green incentives, but there will also be talks on simple things like replacing inefficient light bulbs.

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One of the talks will be given by Telluride-based sustainability organization EcoAction Partners and it will focus on a program to help businesses become more energy efficient. Kim Wheels, the energy programs coordinator at EcoAction said the talk will present EcoAction’s new Green Business Certification Program. During the presentation, Wheels and EcoAction Partners Executive Director Heather Rommel will talk about an opportunity for local businesses to become more energy efficient and reduce utility bills, environmental impact and increase marketability by becoming more green.

“I’m really excited that this many players in the energy industry are all looking toward helping people reduce their energy use,” Wheels said.

Zangara Riley said the hope is people all over the San Juan region will be able to take something away from the forum.

“I think the big stressor here is that it’s not just a Mountain Village event — it really is a regional-wide event,” she said.

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