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07 January, 2013

There is no shortage of natural resources in Pakistan. In recent years, however, with ecological scarcities plaguing the planet and energy consumption continuously on the rise, Pakistan has sought to considerably reduce its dependency on oil. Instead, it has focused on the sustainable development approach, which encourages the use of renewable resources that can be naturally replenished and create pure ‘clean green energy’ that can supply electricity. Indeed, with global energy demand set to double or even triple by 2050, Pakistan has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to a renewable green energy future, launching a host of initiatives which aim to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Over the past couple of years, the Government of Pakistan has established numerous plans which aim to reap the benefits of Pakistan’s resource endowment as well as drive Pakistan’s eco-mission and shape the future of global sustainability. One of the most ambitious of these projects is the creation of a multi-million-dollar wind power project, announced in 2011, which symbolizes a true milestone for Pakistan, especially as it intends to meet the energy demands of Pakistan’s fast growing population. This important step, which comes within a global movement to create energy using renewable resources, will further preserve natural resources and curb CO2 emissions as well as help establish a clean and healthy environment to live in.

The wind power project also shows how Pakistan is taking up the collective approach of nations around the world to create a sustainable future for the world. In the past decade, Pakistan has certainly undergone an ecological awakening, implementing myriad eco-plans and placing the use of renewable energy high on the country’s political, social and economic agenda.

Today, Pakistan seeks an even greater role to mend the ecological crisis and continues to take strategic leaps in the form of policies, events, partnerships or projects towards a greener environment and economy. The cornerstone of ecological sustainability, renewable sources will not solely help meet the power demands of the future, but also guarantee the health and well-being of generations to come.

Syed Irfan Ali

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