Parkland offers winter travel safety tips

February 4, 2014 by  
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Parkland Ambulance Paramedics have issued a range of safety tips to motorists still facing cold weather and early darkness during the winter months.

In the event that one’s vehicle should get stuck:

- Try to stay calm and do not venture into the cold. Remain in your vehicle to avoid getting lost, since your car is a safe shelter.

- Don’t tire yourself out. Shovelling in intensely cold conditions can prove fatal.

- Let in fresh air by opening a window on the side sheltered from the wind.

- Keep the engine off as much as possible. Be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure the exhaust pipe is not obstructed by snow.

- If possible, use a candle placed inside a deep can rather than your car heater to warm up.

- Turn on warning lights or set up road flares to make your vehicle visible.

- Turn on the ceiling light, since leaving your headlights or hazard lights on for too long can drain the battery.

-  Move your hands, feet and arms to maintain circulation. Stay awake.

-  Keep an eye out for other cars and emergency responders. Try to keep clothing dry, since wet clothing may lead to a dangerous loss of body heat.

Motorists should always have winter safety and emergency equipment in their vehicles.

A basic car kit should include: food that won’t spoil (such as energy bars), water in plastic bottles that will not break if the water freezes (to be replaced every six months), blankets, extra clothing, shoes and boots, a first aid kit with a seatbelt cutter, a small shovel, scraper and snowbrush, a candle in a deep can, matches, a wind-up flashlight, road maps and a whistle to attract attention.

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