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TRENTON – The Assembly passed numerous lame-duck, last-session bills Monday, including measures dealing with solemnization of marriages, priority consideration to “green” building projects, and the horse racing industry.

Among those on their way to the governor for action:


S2155/A2201: This would permit so-called “civil celebrants” to solemnize marriages. Applicants would have to complete a course offered by a nondenominational organization registered with the state. This is an outgrowth of a nonsectarian movement that began in the 1970s. The Assembly passed its bill in March 2012. Then the Senate amended it and passed it so it returns to the lower chamber one more time. It passed 68-9-3.

S2602/A3893: One of many post-Superstorm Sandy bills, this takes away from the Department of Environmental Protection the authority to waive permit requirements for work involving grading or excavating of a dune. It does allow exceptions for emergencies. The Senate version was passed last week. It passed 47-32.

S2732/A3103: This orders various departments such as Community Affairs, Environmental Protection and Transportation to give priority consideration to permit applications of green building projects. The Assembly passed its version in June 2012. The Senate passed it last week with amendments, so it returns to the lower chamber. It passed 66-14.

A3489/S2540: This conditionally vetoed bill allows monies statutorily dedicated to standardbred horse racing purses to be used for the benefit of the standardbred horse racing and breeding industry; it allows permitholder and Standardbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association to agree on use of monies. Gov. Chris Christie objected to wording that he said would allow parties to disguise their own interests in contracts that are supposed to benefit the industry. It passed unanimously.

A4394/S2976: Designed to address a post-Sandy New Jersey, this bill would establish standards for those involved in raising homes to protect against floods. The Senate passed it last year, but it has been amended in Assembly committee. It passed 73-0-5.

A4531/S3107: This bill would extend for two years the wastewater quality plan process. Counties were originally supposed to have developed such plans by 2009. They were delayed twice, once by the Department of Environmental Protection and once by the Legislature. The Assembly passed the bill today 68-7-3. The Senate passed it 30-5.

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