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By NadavZiv

If you want to reduce the carbon footprint as you travel make sure that your expedition is environment-friendly. Saving resources can be a lifestyle which you may want to practice at home or when you are abroad. Some travelers refrain from travelling long distances to cut down on emissions. However you can opt for eco-friendly travel and behave responsibly. You can make your travel as green as possible by planning beforehand. Experiencing nature through eco-travel can be a wonderful experience. Take a small step towards reducing impact of global warming by planning an eco-friendly vacation. You will be able to make the most of your holidays as you minimize the damage to the environment.

Travel smart and travel green. Travel tips shared in this primer will help you to enjoy an environment-friendly vacation. Visit our website for green apartment rentals.

  • If you pack light your trip will be eco-friendly. You will have to move less weight when travelling by bus, car or plane. Make sure that you pack items are reusable and avoid plastic bags. You can opt for reusable sandwich bags and Tupperware containers to pack toiletries. To wrap gifts you can make use of fabric which the giftee can use later.
  • Choose to stay at an ecolodge which causes no harm to the environment. Stylish ecolodges have been setup across the globe which offers adventure and sustainability at the same time. The architecture in these eco-lodges solely depends on local materials. Solar powers are used to tap solar energy. Education programs like guided tours and nature walks are conducted for the guests. You can interact with the local inhabitants and learn about their culture. The kitchens in these lodges depend on local produce.
  • When you travel make a choice of fuel-efficient aircraft. In this way you can reduce greenhouse emissions. You can opt for green airlines which balance the negative impact of air travel. Choose electronic tickets over paper. Some flight offer in-flight recycling options to travellers for their comfort.
  • When you are staying at the hotel unplug all appliances before you leave the room. Minimize the use of air conditioners and warmers. Instead of using paper cups you can carry your own mug. You can explore hotels which offer the choice of recycling. Eating organic during travel is an effective way to save the environment. Walk to the places of attraction which are located close by instead of driving.
  • During travel opt for public transport. In this way you will reduce the carbon emissions which are released from private transport. Travelling by public transport will offer you the unique opportunity to interact with locals and will add to your travel experience. As you travel drink a locally brewed beer. You will enjoy high quality ale. Pamper your taste buds with local produce. Try the local cuisine which is made of indigenous ingredients. Avoid water bottles which amount to a lot of waste. You can use re-usable bottles to fill water from filters.
  • When hiking you must not deviate from the path. You should stay on marked trails and maintain a safe distance from the animals. Do not offer food to the animals or use flash photography. It may annoy them. Do not forget to plan one conservation-related activity in the destination which you will be travelling to. Select an eco-friendly sunscreen which will reduce the impact on corals.

You can consider these green ideas the next time you plan a vacation. As you admire nature and its creations you will be able to reduce the harmful impact of travelling on the environment.

NadavZiv is the co-founder of TellaVista – an apartment booking engine that lets you decide on an apartment for renting when going on a vacation.

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